Presenting with PowerPoint

Year 7 plenary quiz on PowerPoint terms (ICT Unit 7.1)
What F is used to describe a style of text?. What P is the name of the kind of software Microsoft PowerPoint is?. What SE is used to help see dark text on a dark background or image?. What C should be used carefully on backgrounds, images and text in a presentation?. What G is used to describe pictures, ClipArt, WordArt and graphs?. What does the C stand for in ICT?. What S is the name of the individual pages of your presentation?. What S is the last thing you do before you log off at the end of a lesson?. What H are used to make buttons that join one slide to another?. What CAP is the method of taking images from the internet to put into your work?. What SE is the tool you would use to find websites or images on the internet?. What D is a rough plan of what you intend to do?. What A can be used to liven up your presentations?. What BP should be used to organise text in clear, simple chunks?. What A refers to the people who will view your presentation?. What T is the term for the changing animation between slides?. What WA can be used for headers and important words?. What U can be used to go back if you have made a mistake?. What CA do you choose from the Slide Show menu to add animations to your presentation?. You can have animations start on mouse click, or A..
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