AS Psychology Cognitive Quiz

Cognitive Psychology Quiz for OCR AS Psychology students
What F is for the number of consecutive days that Washoe has to sign a sign for?. What I is the type of variable that we manipulate so that we can see it's effect?. What R is the method used by Deregowski?. What L is the approach used by Gardner and Gardner in his case study spanning 22 months?. What E is the type of validity that Loftus and Palmer was low in?. What L is the method used by Loftus and Palmer?. What A is for the condition that lacks a theory of mind?. What T describes the three main features of Autism?. What S is the type of drawing that African children preferred?. What N describes the argument that Chomsky puts forward for language development?. What P describes, praise, rewards, tickles?. What O describes the conditioning method central to Skinner's theory?. What B is what Loftus and Palmer's participants said they saw, despite there being none?. What L is a type of depth cue?. What C is the belief question in Baron-Cohen's study?. What Q is the type of data gathered anecdotally by Laws and Fraser?. What Q is the type of data gathered by Loftus and Palmer and Baron-Cohen?. What E is the issue which assumes that some people/cultures are superior over others, in Deregowski?. What D is the variable that we measure?. What M is what Gardner and Gardner described Washoe's rambling hand gestures?.
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