Strategic Aims and Objectives

Strategic Aims and Objectives. Suitable for use with BTEC Level 3 Unit 1 Exploring Business Activity.
What S is an acronym for objectives?. What A is the way to explain a problem?. What C is the difference between sales and variable costs?. What B is when revenues match costs?. What R is another word for income?. What S is a short term guarantee of safety?. What P is similar to system?. What Q is a research measure of opinions?. What O is another word for fixed costs?. What V is another term for direct costs?. What Q is a research measure of volume?. What S is a type of plan for the whole business?. What C is another name for a rival?. What V is an unpaid worker?. What S is someone of influence on a business?. What M identifies, anticipates and supplies customer requirements?. What T is another term for sales revenues?. What R is a type of variable costs ?. What I is a type of fixed costs ?. What F is the term for money provided by the government?.
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