Goodnight Mister Tom

Quiz based on characters and key facts.from the novel Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian.
What B is Willie's name?. What D is Tom's horse?. What N is the Doctor's wife?. What B is the class Willie is first put in to at school?. What G is something Charlie Ruddles is fond of?. What C is the war announcer?. What T would you find in the library?. What J is one of the first books Willie reads?. What M is what Willie suffers from when he arrives?. What C is editor of the Weirwold Gazette?. What A is helpful for protection against air raids?. What E is a child who left a large city during the war?. What D is the name Lucy gives Willie?. What P is the name of the vicar?. What F is the maker of Willie's jumpers?. What S is now a friend of Willie's?. What H is the class Willie would love to be in.. What W is the first word Willie writes?. What Z is Willie's best friend?. What R is what Willie has needed at night?.
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