State PE and Drill

A level Unit 1 - The development of State PE.
What C is the delivery style of military drill?. What PT describes lessons in the early 1900s?. What B was the war that caused the 1902 Model course to be implemented?. What E is the name for a state school before 1950?. What BS were the names of schools set up in 1870?. Who led the drill lessons in 1902?. What F was the name of the education act in 1870?. What S were produced in 1904 1909 1919 1927 and 1933?. What D is a benefit of the drill lesson?. What G is father of European Gym?. What M was influential in the building of gyms in public schools?. What R is a Doctor who promoted the Swedish system of rational gym?. What M was developed in the 1953 PE lesson?. What E is linked to discovery learning?. What T describes the health giving benefits of exercise?. What I is a characteristic of the teaching methods used in the 1953 syllabus?. What C describes a benefit from working in groups?. What A was introduced to gym lessons following the 1944 Education Act?. What L is associated with modern educational dance?. What H is the experiment at a rehab clinic for handicapped children?.
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