Finance - Costs, Revenue, Profit, Sources of Finance
What F is a cost which does not change regardless of how much a business produces?. What S is a cost which have to pay when setting up your business?. What R is an example of a fixed cost for premises?. What P is found when you take away your costs from your sales revenue?. What I is a document used asking the customer for payment?. What P is used to request items from a supplier?. What C is a document which is used by the supplier to return money to a customer?. What T is fixed costs plus variable costs added together?. What V is a cost which changes directly in relation to how much is produced by the business?. What B is the point where the business is not making a profit and not making a loss?. What G is Sales Revenue - Cost of goods sold?. What N is = Gross Profit - Expenses?. What A describes something a business owns?. What C describes something a business owns for less than a year and can be easily turned into cash?. What L describes something a business owes?. What C describes something a business owes and has to be paid for in under a year?. What W = Current Assets - Current Liabilities?. What B is an external source of finance for which a business puts up a fixed asset as security?. What R is an internal source of finance?. What T is a source of finance used in the short term but should not be abused?.
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