Electricity starter

Really simple quiz for Year 7s who have just been introduced to electricity.
What A is current measured in?. What V is voltage measured in?. What V is sometimes called 'the push' that makes electricity travel round a circuit?. When C is a measure of the amount of electrons flowing round a circuit?. What A do we use to measure current?. What V do we use to measure voltage?. What D describes the brightness of 2 bulbs in series compared to just one bulb?. What R is how hard it is for the current to get through?. What P is a type of circuit that isn't series?. What C needs to be complete for a current to flow?. What F is a safety device that melts if the current is too big?. What M is what most wires are made of?. What S can turn the current on or off?. What C describes a material where electricity can flow through easily?. What C is brown coloured metal that we make wire from because it is a good conductor?. What W flows a bit like electricity and can help us to understand circuits?. What P is at the opposite end of the battery to the negative?. What S might happen if you use electricity with wet hands?. What B is the word for two or more cells joined together?. What C is the name we use for anything added into an electrical circuit?.
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