Market Research

Market Research terms and definitions.
What M is collecting and analysing data? . What P is research collected for the 'first time '?. What Q is large amounts of data usually numerical?. What F is a small group of people who comment on your products?. What C is the most important element of marketing? . What D is another word for secondary research?. What B allows a businesses to charge higher prices because of its consumer recognition?. What A allows us to communicate with our customers? . What S is market research that uses data that has been collected by someone else?. What K is a company that produces market research reports?. What Q involves interviewing large number of people?. What H is counting the number of people who enter a shop?. What N is an important principle of marketing which includes the use of the Internet?. What M is another name for the 4 P's?. What I is an important method of collecting data on your competitors?. What C is produced by the UK government every ten years?. What O is watching the actions of your competitors?. What P is a colour used in the packaging of Cadbury products?. What T is aiming your product at a specific section of the market?. What D is the price paid to buy into Comic Relief?.
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