Wave Busters

A GSCE blockbusters grid for a Physics lesson on waves.
What W is the horizontal distance over which a wave repeats itself?. What A is the vertical distance from the equilibrium point to the crest of a wave?. What F is the number of waves passing a fixed point in one second?. What H is the unit of measurement for wave frequency?. What W is frequency x wavelength?. What L is the type of wave that moves and vibrates in the same direction?. What S is an example of a longitudinal wave?. What T is a wave where the oscillations are at right angles to the direction of energy transfer?. What E is an example of a transverse wave?. What L is an example of an electromagnetic wave?. What R is an example of an electromagnetic wave?. What M is the name given to a million hertz?. What G is the name given to a thousand million hertz?. What S travels at 330 metres per second?. What L travels at 300,000 kilometres per second?. What E is transferred by every wave?. What O is the name given to the sideways movement of a wave?. What M is not transferred by a wave?. What E produces both longitudinal and transverse waves?. What W is energy transferred without movement of matter?.
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