GCSE BACS General Theory

This quiz is designed for students studying GCSE Business and Communication Systems. It covers general terms from the syllabus.
What A is used to list items to be discussed during a meeting?. What S is the person who takes the minutes during a meeting?. What C is used to describe an office which has a number of cells or units?. What M is used by office workers to communicate between one another?. What A is found on an agenda?. What F is used on a spreadsheet to carry out calculations?. What S is used to put information in order on a spreadsheet?. What L is sent to customers to give information?. What D is when an employee is forced to leave their employment?. What R is given when an employees job is no longer evaluable with an Employer?. What K is used to input data into a computer?. What S is used to transfer paper pictures to a computer?. What I should be given to all new staff when they start work?. What T is given to staff before they use new equipment?. What F are used to store files and documents?. What I is used to search for information?. What JD is used to describe the duties to be carried out by an employee?. What M is used to send duplicate letters to many different customers?. What P is a computer output device?. What M is a computer input device?.
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