Organisational Structures

AS Business Studies (Edexcel) - Organisational Structures
What S describes the number of workers under the direct control of one manager?. What D is the process of giving responsibility to subordinates?. What C is the direction that instructions are communicated in the organisational structure?. What C is the type of organisational structure where the decisions are mainly made at headquarters?. What T describes the structure where there is a long chain of command and a narrow span of control?. What F is the organisational structure that has a short chain of command and a wide span of control?. What M is an organisational structure where employees work on projects across functional areas?. What D is the process of removing levels of the organisational structure?. What E is the organisational structure where decisions are made by one person who is the owner?. What D is the organisational structure where decision making is delegated to individual branches?. What F is the organisational structure that is divided into departments like Marketing and Finance?. What E describes the process of giving workers more power over their working lives?. What R is something the manager always has even if they delegate tasks to others?. What A is the permission to carry out a task?. What G is a structure which has branches in, for example, UK, France and Spain?. What C describes the shared beliefs, policies and procedures of a business?. What P is there less chance of achieving in a flat organisational structure?. What C can be upward, downward, 2 way or horizontal?. What M is removed during delayering?. What C is reduced by a business through delayering?.
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