A general ICT quiz for level 1 students.
What L means that paper has it's long edge at the top?. What P means that paper has it's short edge at the top?. What S is a program for manipulating numerical data?. What D is a bit like an electronic filing cabinet?. What M is a computer screen?. What C means that you have to ask for permission before using an image?. What does the P stand for in DTP? . What R is a number of adjacent cells?. What C is the intersection of a row and a column?. What F starts with an equal sign?. What I is a whole number (without any decimal places)?. What R in a database hold information about an individual person or item?. What F is an area of a database where a particular item of data is stored? . What G is a pictorial representation of numerical data?. What P means to read through a document checking for errors?. What S are Google, Ask & Yahoo?. What E is an electronic form of communicating?. What H are printers, keyboards and monitors?. What S are Windows, Excel, PowerPoint & Word?. What does the O stand for in CD ROM?.
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