Objectives and Stakeholders

This blockbuster quiz asked questions focused on objectives and a few questions on stakeholders. It is aimed at international students on a business course at AS level.
What S is the first word of SMART?. What A is the long term goal of a business?. What O is a short term goal of a firm?. What P is an objective shareholders would be keen on?. What G is a long term objective of a business?. What B is where the aim of the business is found?. What S is a short term objective of a new business?. What M is increased to gain more power in the market place?. What O is a model of growth for a business?. What T is to aggressively gain control of a business?. What M is when two firms agree to combine?. What S is an example of profit or survival?. What S is behaviour which attempts to achieve at least a minimum level of profit?. What is the A in SMART?. What P is either a good or a service?. What S is someone who has an interest in a business?. What D are the people who set the company's objectives?. What C is an important stakeholder for Tesco's?. What E are those who work for a business?. What C can firms support through charity work and sponsoring?.
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