Simple Chemical Reactions

A good summary quiz for the year 7 F module: Simple Chemical Reactions. Covers all the keywords.
What H is a flammable gas that is produced when an acid reacts with a metal?. What CD is a heavy gas that is produced when a carbonate reacts with an acid?. What F is a substance that we burn to get energy from?. What I is used to describe a chemical change?. What P is the name for the substances produced during a chemical reaction?. What SP is the test for Hydrogen?. What FT is the name for the diagram which depicts what three things are needed for burning?. What C is defined as:"attacks and destroys living tissue, including eyes and skin".?. What WV is produced during burning of a fuel along with Carbon Dioxide?. What AR falls from the sky and is hazardous to plants and animals?. What O is the gas required for burning?. What B might be produced when a gas is released during a chemical reaction? . What SO is produced when sodium is burnt in pure oxygen?. What H is needed for burning other than Oxygen and Fuel?. What FF is the collective name for crude oil, coal and natural gas?. What P is the colour cobalt chloride paper turns when it touches water?. What O is the general name for the compound produced when a pure element is burned in oxygen?. What L is used in the test for Carbon Dioxide?. What H is the name of an acid containing chlorine?. What BP is a carbonate used in cooking to make cakes rise?.
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