More Applied ICT GCSE Revision

More terms and definitions for revision for Applied ICT GCSE.
What does the A in ADSL stand for?. What B is a type of graphic image recorded as many tiny dots (or pixels).. What C are text files generated by websites you visit and stored on your computer's hard disk?. What D is the standard software or hardware setting?. What E is the science of scrambling data, be it text, audio, or video?. What F is a ready made formula that is usually given a name eg: SQUARE or SUM?. What G is an alternative input to the mouse, usually with a stylus and a small board?. What H is the slang term used to describe illegal access of computer systems by unauthorised users?. What I has the look and feel of a website but is part of an internal network?. What J is a common format for image files?. What M is a measure of the level of detail recorded by digital cameras?. What N is a portable computer, usually around the size of an A4 pad, also referred to as laptop?. What O is working with internet software, like email , without being connected to the internet?. What P is a PDA or small computer about the size of a pocket calculator?. What R is something that takes place on a computer at the same speed as it would in life?. What S is a program that runs on after a period of inactivity and usually displays a moving image?. What T is a page design pre-formatted for a particular type of document?. What U is Uniform Resource Locator. The unique address of a web page you visit? . What V is software which can recognise spoken words?. What W is a catchier name for the 802.11a, b or g standard used for wireless networking devices?.
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