Theories of Personality

Quiz on the theory of personality development.
What E proposed the psychosocial stages of development?. What S is a concept developed by Bandura to further explain personality?. What V is a way Bandura states we can learn behaviour?. What P is a quality Bandura says is needed in a model to increase chance of behaviour being copied?. What S is a quality of the ID?. What GB has Freud's studies been criticised for being?. What C, according to Erikson, occurs at each stage of development?. What F is the important event that occurs in the oral sensory stage of psychosocial development?. What S does Mischel believe personality is determined by?. What P is the principle uses the ID has?. What F does Mischel's theory deny?. What R does Bandura say is necessary for behaviour to be learnt?. What U is a criticism of the Bobo doll study?. What T is a strength for Bandura's theory?. What I is positive point of Freud's theory?. What M is a way of coping with new demands from your environment?. What CD are factors that depend on the indiviual's situation?. What I does Mischel's theory explain about personality?. What DM are used to protect the ego.?. What RD is a concept proposed by Bandura, about personality?.
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