general plastering

A general test of understanding of key terms in plastering.
What T is used to put plaster on a wall?. What W is mixed with powder to make a backing coat?. What B is a backing plaster?. What M is a finishing plaster?. What N are used to fix plasterboards?. What H is a piece of personal protective equipment essential on sites?. What S is a band of plaster used to straighten a wall?. What H is used for moving plaster to a wall?. What D is used to smooth walls and ceilings?. What K is used for cutting plasterboards?. What L is used to access scaffolding?. What G is a material used in plaster and plasterboards?. What B is a background plaster is applied to?. What R is an external finish?. What S is another name for a skim coat?. What C is an ingredient in render?. What A is used to give a good finish on corners?. What B is plaster mixed in?. What P is a sheet material used in plastering?. What C is a decorative finish fixed to the wall and ceiling angle?.
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