Plumbing Revision

Plumbing Revision Guide
What W regulations are requirements imposed upon employers or employees?. What is the Water M valve to connect a service pipe?. What C is the short buried pipe connecting the ferrule and the boundary stop valve?. What regulations beginning with C were first introduced in 1988?. What T describes materials like hydrogen sulphide and cyanides?. What R are substances that can explode?. Centrica is the parent of which company beginning with B?. What undertaker beginning with T had the biggest loss of water in the country in 2007?. What L is a flexible covering around a chimney?. What S is a cheap source of heat for water?. What P is guttering made from?. What C is the Queen's favorite pet?. What assessment beginning with R carefully examines hazards in the work place?. What T is used when a job cannot be done safely from a pair of steps?. What H is a measure of a material's resistance to permanent or plastic deformation by scratching?. What E is the conductivity that shows how well a material transmits electricity?. What R circuit feeds each overhead light or wall light in turn?. What E is a manufactured bend used in pipe work?. What N is the qualification offered by British Gas?. What D is one of the two types of cold water systems?.
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