ICT in crime

ICT, computer and Internet related crime terminology.
What D is collected from biological evidence?. What L is a type of fingerprint?. What I is the police database project?. What H is the main computer memory?. What R is the computer's temporary memory?. What C is using technology to intimidate or threaten someone?. What C is computer related crime?. What P is pretending to be a bank to get people to give out details?. What P is redirecting users to a bogus website?. What V is a self-replicating computer programme?. What T is a programme that pretends to be something else?. What H is illegally breaking into secure computer files?. What B is a malicious hacker?. What S is a programme that collects information about users?. What C is the crime committed if you download music illegally?. What A was the first Internet system?. What I is a unique code that identifies a computer on a network?. What C is a tag used by web pages to track visitors?. What S is unused space in hard drive sectors?. What I is the company that maintains web connections?.
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