Christmas Quiz

Quiz questions on Christmas and the Nativity for Key Stage 2.
What B is the town where Jesus was born?. What G is one of the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus?. According to tradition, how many wise men came to the stable?. What H is the king who wanted to kill baby Jesus?. What CT is also called a manger?. What F and M are sweet-smelling resins burnt as incense?. What A is the angel who told the shepherds of Jesus' birth?. What T is traditionally how many days of Christmas there are?. What D is the date of Christmas Day?. What BD is St Stephen's Day also known as?. What C is the reason Mary and Joseph were travelling to Bethlehem?. According to tradition, what D did Mary and Joseph ride ride to Bethlehem?. What S appeared in the sky to guide the three wise men?. What NP is a play about Jesus' birth?. What H is a prickly Christmas shrub also known as Christ-thorn?. What M is a Christmas plant, also an emblem of love?. What SC is another name for St Nicholas?. What A is the country that turkeys first came from?. What J is the month that gets its name from the Roman god Janus, who has two faces?. What J is the date of Twelfth night, also the day the wise men followed the star to Jesus' stable?.
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