Chemical & Physical Changes Year 8 KS3

Summary of chemical & physical changes unit for low ability year 8 pupils.
What C is used for measuring liquids?. What P is used for measuring small amounts of liquid?. What G must be worn when using acid?. What M is a particle made of two or more atoms?. What S is insoluble in water and might be found on a beach?. What R is another word for a chemical change?. What E are found on the Periodic Table?. What M is a silvery metal that burns with a bright white flame?. What S is a yellow non-metal that burns with a blue flame in oxygen?. What B is the colour that an apple goes when it reacts with oxygen?. What O is an element with the symbol O?. What D is the name we use to describe how perfume spreads through air?. What C is a metal with the symbol Cu?. What C is a type of change that does not go back easily?. What S is the common name for sodium chloride?. What R is on the left hand side of a chemical equation?. What P is on the right hand side of a chemical equation?. What M is what happens when ice turns into water?. What E is when water turns to steam?. What F is when water turns to ice?.
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