Bricklayers Blockbusters 2

A good re-cap session number 2.
What DPC is placed within brickwork 150mm above ground level?. What EG is a brickwork bond consisting of 1 course of headers to every 3 courses of stretchers?. What OPC is the most common type of cement for mixing mortar?. What PT is used to create 'weather-struck' finishing?. What GR is used to accurately provide a 10mm bed joint?. What CJ should be formed FIRST when providing a surface finish?. What NS is an Architect's preferred choice for supplying materials?. What DN must be signed when materials are accepted on site?. What F is a class of aggregate that would pass through a 5mm sieve?. What R is the type of materials that need to be stored 'on-end'?. What B is the colour-band on a fire extinguisher that contains powder?. What S is a scaffolding component erected vertically? . What HR is a building over 7 storeys in height?. What GB should ideally be used to provide the correct amounts when mixing mortar?. What WT should never incline to the inner leaf of cavity walling?. What ES is the hand-signal with both arms up and palms out?. What BW is a form of decorative panelling?. What RJ should be especially worn in poor visibility?. What S is a type of arch that forms less than half of a circle?. What D are checked whilst setting-out to ensure a building is 'square'?.
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