Skeletal system

GCSE PE year 10 skeletal system
What F is the longest bone in your body?. What P makes up part of your hips?. What C is also known as your collar bone?. What H is also known as your funny bone?. What S are your ribs attached to?. What C protects your brain?. What L is the femur an example of?. What P is in both the top and bottom sections of your body?. What R is the thicker bone in the lower arm?. What S is also known as your shoulder blade?. What R protects your heart?. What F is the thinner bone in the lower part of your leg?. What P is not attached to another bone?. What T is also known as your shin bone?. What U is the thinnest bone in your arm?. What S is a type of bone found in your hands and feet?. What F is the type of bone found in your cranium and pelvis?. What P is a function of the skeletal system?. What H is a type of joint?. What S is a type of joint found in your thumb?.
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