Finance - AQA Unit 1 Section 3 Revision

Revision quiz on key words for the topic of Finance and Support for a small business. Uses the AQA syllabus for unit 1.
What W are the funds needed for the day-to-day running of a business?. What P is the money paid when goods or services are exchanged?. What S comes from providing goods or services in exchange for money?. What C is the expenses paid out to run a business?. What P is left when total costs are deducted from a firm's revenue?. What G are provided by the government but do not have to be repaid?. When a business is unable to pay its debts it goes into ............?. Financial statement which shows all the cash in and out of a business?. Allows the business to spend more money that it has in its bank account?. What F is the finance provided by a bank and paid back over a set period?. What M is a long term loan used to buy property or buildings?. What I is the extra amount paid back on a loan?. What O is when a business buys more than it has money to pay for?. What P is charity set up to help young people with limited prospects?. What R is the price mutliplied by the number of sales made?. What G is the difference between costs and revenue before tax is paid?. What I is paid to the Government on money earned by the business?. What V is money provided by investors to businesses with growth potential?. What B is an organistion which provides goods and services?. What C is an arrangement for deferred payment of a loan or purchase?.
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