Unit 21 Web Graphics

Simple quiz to review content of a webpage and also the programs used to create web pages and graphics.
What H tell us about the colours, text style and size used in all our website pages?. What AB is used to try to get the users to buy, eg a holiday?. What B is used to navigate to a specific page in the website?. What NB is used to show different pages available to the users?. Navigation buttons make it q______ to access certain pages?. What I is used along with the text to help users identify a button's purpose?. What P is the reason we have buttons, banner and bar on a website?. What P is the measurements used for a website graphic?. What B is the measurement of the file size of the graphic?. What D is the program we use to make our website?. What F is the program we use to make our graphics?. What C is the background of an image in Fireworks?. What T is the name of a see through background?. What G is a type of image that can have a transparentbackground?. What T do we add to our webpage to stop thing moving around. What P are the different sections of a website?. What M is an alternative to a navigation bar to navigate through the website?. What A is the most commonly used type of font?. It is important to have i____ as well as text on every page?. It is important to have i______ as well as images on every page?.
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