Inspector Calls: Acts 1 - 2

Quiz on An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley - Questions based on the first two acts.
What B is John Priestley's middle name?. What B is the town the play is set?. What P describes Eva condition when she visits Mrs Birling?. What W is the euphemism Priestley uses to describe prostitutes?. What B is the name of the charity Mrs Birling is a member of?. What M is the name Eva uses when she visits Mrs Birling's charity?. What U is the class that the Crofts belong to?. What M is the name of the place that Eva lives when she's seeing Gerald?. What S is Mrs Birling's first name?. What J is the name of the Alderman who also visits the Palace Variety Theatre?. What R is a key theme in the play?. What N is the year that Eva Smith left Mr Birling's employment?. What C is name of Gerald's Father's business?. What R is the country that Mr Birling describes as 'behindhand'?. What H is the socialist author that Mr Birling refers to in Act 1?. What N is the year the play was written?. What E is the father of Eva's baby?. What D is the item of clothing that Sheila tries on in Milwards?. What J is the month that Eva Smith had to leave Milwards?. What F decribes how Eric handles the decanter of whisky?.
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