the link between exercise,diet and nutrition
A store of energy and also insulate our bodies?. They help us grow and repair tissues?. It keeps your digestive system working properly?. They are the main source of energy?. Prevents dehydration?. Important to the functioning of cells?. The simplest form of carbohydrates?. Needed for the transport of nutrients?. The type of vitamin that is needed for growth and development?. A type of mineral which is important in the formation of bones and teeth?. A nutritional problem that may be caused by a lack of vitamin C?. Controls temperature especially when exercising?. Promotes good vision, good skin etc?. Mineral needed for haemoglobin in red blood cells?. Can reduce the risk of colon cancer?. Mesomorphs require more of this?. A name that is given to a person who's overweight?. Milk,cheese and cereals a main source of?. A disease caused by the lack of vitamin D?. Elements such as zinc and selenium are examples of?.
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