Metals and their Properties

The quiz is based on metals and properties of materials.
What F are metals that contain iron?. What N are metals that do not contain iron?. What M is Tough, has tensile strength, can be case hardened, rusts very easily and is cheap?. What C is tough. Can be hardened and tempered. It is used for cutting tools e.g. files, drill bits?. What S is tough and resistant to rust and stains?. What C is strong but brittle. Compressive strength very high. Castings, manhole covers, engines?. What A is ductile, soft, malleable, machines well, very light, used to make aircraft, kitchen ware?. What C is ductile, can be beaten into shape, conducts electricity and heat?. What B is hard, casts and machines well, its surface tarnishes and conducts electricity?. What L is soft, heavy, ductile, loses its shape under pressure. used in solder, pipes, roofing?. What C is used to stop steel rusting?. What T is used to stop steel rusting?. What G is heavy, easy to shape, used for decoration and is expensive?. What A is a mixture of metals?. What M means it can be hammered and spread without cracking?. What D means a material that has the ability to change shape (deform) usually by stretching?. What T means a material that has the ability to stretch without breaking or snapping?. What E is a material that can absorb force, flex in all directions and return to its original shape?. What P is the ability of a material to be change in shape?. What S is to stand up to forces being applied without it breaking, shattering or deforming?.
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