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Biomechanics - key terms
What D is a negative change in velocity? . What G is the equal and opposite force given to a performer who exerts a force into the ground?. What N is the Law of Inertia?. What F is something that tends to cause a change in motion?. What V is the rate of change of displacement?. What N is the Law of Action/Reaction?. What M is the quantity of motion: mass x velocity?. What V is a quantity that has two dimensions, magnitude and direction?. What I is the reluctance to change the state of motion?. What A is the rate of change of velocity? . What D is the shortest straight line measurement between two points?. What A is friction between a body and air particles?. What S is a quantity that has a single dimension, magnitude?. What I is the effect of a force acting over a period of time?. What G is the force of attraction between two bodies?. What N is force = mass x acceleration?. What A is angular velocity x moment of inertia?. What M is also known as torque?. What M is the resistance of a body to a change of state when rotating?. What A is the rate of movement in rotation?.
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