Business Aims

Key stage 4 BTEC Level 2 aims and objectives quiz to test knowledge for unit 1
What G is another word for the long-term aims of a business?. What T is another word for business objectives?. What S is what businesses aim for when business is difficult?. What P is what privately owned businesses frequently put at the top of their business aims?. What G would describe the aim of a business opening more branches each year?. What S is the main aim of many public and voluntary organisations?. What C is what a business that aims to break-even must cover?. What C describes companies fighting for market share?. What R is something Disney and McDonald's have built with their customers?. What N is a bank that ran into trouble in 2007 and will be aiming for survival?. What S describes the people in an organisation that its aims unite?. What S means giving objectives clear definitions?. What M means achievement or progress towards an objective can be checked?. What T is something you have to set for all objectives?. What S is someone that benefits from achieving profit maximisation?. What V is the sector that often aims to break-even, survive or just provide a service?. What N describes small businesses that often aim for break-even?. What R is another way of describing how you make an objective sensible?. What V is often what aims give a business for the future?. What M is what profit maximisation is all about?.
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