Business ownership, size and scale

Business quiz on ownership, size, scale and sectors.
What C is the link between the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of production?. What S is the sector of industry dealing with manufacturing?. What C is another word for a customer, someone who uses or buys a product?. What T is the sector of industry dealing with selling or providing services?. What B is an organisation that produces goods and services?. What P is one of the main aims of most businesses?. What R could include wood for making furniture or steel for making machinery?. What P is the sector of industry dealing with raw materials?. What F is a word to describe the money side of a business?. What U means owners might lose their personal possessions if a company fails?. What B is a possible source of start up capital?. What S is a one person business?. What F is it licence to use the name of an existing business?. What J is a well known store and a partnership?. What M is the person in charge of a business or department?. What F is an authorization to sell a company's goods or services?. What C is another businesses that sell similar goods or services?. What N is a bank that ran into trouble in 2007 and will be aiming for survival?. What is 'Ltd' and the L in PLC?. What L is what the business owes and are the opposite of assets?.
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