Biological Rhythms, Sleep and Dreaming

Revision exercise for Biological Rhythms, Sleep & Dreaming topic of Unit 4 - PYA4 - AQA (A).
What E is used to describe the re-setting of biological clocks by external cues?. What A is neurochemical which if blocked interferes with the continuation of REM sleep?. What P is the theory of dreaming proposed by Webb & Cartwright (1978)?. What R is the christian name of the student who stayed awake for 264 hours or 11 days?. What M is the name of the disguised form of a dream according to Freud?. What D is the type of brain wave which is dominant in stage 4 sleep?. What S is a type of work which involves disrupting the circadian rhythm?. What E is the apparatus used to measure brain wave activity during sleep?. What C is the name of a rhythm which lasts approximately 24 hours?. What L is an influential zeitgeber suggested by Miles' study of a blind man?. What I is a rhythm which is less frequent than once a day?. What F is what happens to 95% of our dreams?. What K is the name of the chemist who had a dream about a ring of snakes?. What O is the name of the person who proposed that the function of sleep is restoration and repair?. What J is the name of the researcher who used the 'flower-pot technique'?. What T is the surname of the DJ who suffered from delusions and hallucinations during a wakeathon?. What H is the name for fleeting hallucinatory images experienced when we fall asleep?. What U is the name of a rhythm which lasts less than 24 hours for example sleep?. What Z is a German term for time-giver?. What H is an example of an infradian rhythm seen in animals?.
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