Text Features

Quiz re: text features for Functional Skills English
What P should you do before starting to write a document? . What O tells the reader what you think about something?. What F is something that can be proved?. What S is a planning method?. What P is a style of writing that tries to get you to do something? . What I gives you facts about a particular subject?. What G is a word for a style of film, text, music or art?. What T is another word for a heading?. What I tells the reader what you intend to cover in your writing?. What N is a piece of writing that tells a story?. What M gives all the details in your text?. What R is a type of question not requiring an answer?. What style of writing presents at least 2 sides of disagreement?. What style of writing is used to write official letters?. What C is a short summary of your text?. What F is something that is imaginary?. What B can be used to show details in an informative text?. What E is a piece of writing on a particular subject?. What R gives information about an incident?. What I tells you how to do something?.
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