Car brakes

Car braking systems - Brakes quiz for entry level 3.
What BF is the hydraulic liquid used in the braking system?. What D are also fitted with pads?. What S is also fitted with drums?. What CS should be fitted to the back of brake pads?. What W is used to clean off brake fluid from paintwork?. What A is not used in brake linings any more after concerns over its effect health?. What WC is in the brake drum?. What H is only used when stationary?. What A are used to safely secure a car before working underneath it?. What P is pushed by the driver to stop the car?. What B happens to the brake fluid when the brakes are seized?. What M does a flexible brake hose allow for?. What C is used to make brake pipes?. What H is brake fluid, meaning that it absorbs moisture?. What F follows 'dot' for a typical brake fluid?. What C should be done to brake fluid approximately every 2 years?. What V is a type of brake disc?. What O is the term used for an out of shape drum?. What M is the tool used to measure a brake disc?. What C would happen if you do not fix the brakes correctly?.
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