Burning and Combustion

Introduction to Burning - Year 7
What O is the gas in the air needed for burning?. What F is needed for burning?. What H is needed for burning?. What T is the shape used to remember what is needed for burning?. What T is the number of things needed for burning?. What C is another name for a burning reaction?. What F is when things are easy to burn?. What F is what human bodies use for fuel?. What C is the kind of energy stored in fuels?. What W is something we use to put fires out?. What C is produced when carbon reacts with oxygen?. What C is produced when copper burns in air?. What M is produced when magnesium burns in air?. What B is the colour of copper oxide?. What W is the colour of magnesium oxide?. What B describes the light given off when burning magnesium?. What W is an example of a fuel?. What W is a kind of equation we use to describe a reaction?. What H is a form of energy produced when things burn?. What O are produced when a chemical burns in air?.
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