Radioactivity Revision

Revision of radioactivity and barriers to radiation.
What A is a particle that consists of 2 protons and 2 neutrons?. What B is a high energy electron?. What G is a high energy beam?. What R describes the process of radioactive decay?. What U describes a radioactive nucleus?. What P can be used to stop alpha radiation?. What A can be used to stop beta radiation?. What L stops most gamma radiation?. What P describes gamma radiation?. What R is given out when a nucleus decays?. What N is at the centre of an atom?. What GC is used to measure the radiation emitted?. What C is alpha and beta radiation?. What I is caused by all radiation?. What E are lost due to ionisation?. What N changes into a proton and an electron during Beta decay?. What P has a positive charge?. What N is the charge of an electron?. What R describes any material that spontaneously emits ionizing radiation?. What H is the time taken for the radioactivity of a substance to decrease by 50% ?.
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