practical physiology - AS synoptic

practical physiology - synoptic
What S is about making training specific to the demands of the activity?. What O leads to improvements in fitness as a result of exercising harder than normal?. What F is the acronym for the principles which includes type, intensity, time, frequency?. What T is the FITT principle which includes continuous, weights and plyometrics?. What B is a method of measuring training intensity?. What H could be used to measure exercise intensity?. What M is 220 minus age?. What O could be used to measure training intensity during weight training sessions?. What O is training too hard and not allowing sufficient recovery time?. What R is the idea that you lose fitness faster than you gain it?. What T is the training principle associated with boredom?. What R is does a fitness test need to have in order for the results to be meaningful?. What V does a fitness test need to have in order for the results to be meaningful?. What S is a fitness test where the performer does not work to exhaustion?. What P is a stretch position being held by something other than the agonist muscles?. What B is a type of stretching that is not recommended and is likely to cause injury?. What S is a type of stretching which can be achieved using techniques such as PNF?. What I is a method of training especially suited to games players?. What P is a form of power training involving stretching a muscle and then immediately contracting it. What M is a type of training associated with improving flexibility levels?.
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