The human body

Parts of the body and their functions.
What N is used for smelling?. What M is used for talking and eating?. What H pumps blood and oxygen around the body?. What E is used for listening?. What B is used for thinking?. What L are used for breathing?. What B stores urine?. What S is the bone that protects the brain?. What E are used for looking? . What H are used for touching?. What T is the upper part of your leg?. What F is the lowest part of your leg?. What T is in our mouth?. What R protects the heart and lungs?. What S supports the back?. What B support the body?. What B does the heart pump round the body?. What C do we breathe out and plants breathe in?. What O do we breathe in and plants breathe out?. What S is the name of all the bones put together?.
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