Employability Words
What A is filled in when you are applying for a job.. What I occurs when you are on the short list for a job and are asked questions.. What Q is what an Interviewer might ask you.. What C is someone you work with in your workplace.. What I is when you can work on your own without supervision. . What E is when you're really keen to do something. . What E is when you've done something before several times.. What Q is what you get when you pass exams or tests.. What S is the tasks or practical jobs you are good at.. What Q means the sort of person you are.. What C is a customer of a business.. What O means you know where everything is and can find information quickly.. What K is what you have when you have remembered lots of information.. What D means the jobs you must do at work. . What R is a word meaning to change a mistake. . What S is when you write your name at the bottom of a document to make it official. . What S is your immediate boss at work. . What V is when you work without pay.. What R is a document which a referee gives you.. What S is the money you get every year with your job..
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