Finding Things Out

Key Words and definitions for Year 7 - Unit 2 (Information and Presentation)
What B is a program used to view pages from the web?. What S is a way of collecting data from people?. What H is the first or main page of a website?. What M is a series of options on a website or computer program?. What Q a form containing a set of questions designed to gather information?. What W is a collection of pages from the internet which are connected by links?. What I is a world wide web of connected computers?. What S is the number of people who completed a survey?. What S is an application used to locate particular information on the internet?. What I is an alphabetical list of contents of a website?. What is the R in URL which is another name for an internet address?. What E is a way of exchanging information with a person anywhere in the world?. What V is a word that means to check information?. What B describes information that favours a particular point of view?. What C is a disk used to store large amounts of digital information?. What R describes information that is related to the topic you are researching?. What M is a source of information having a variety of formats, eg. text, video and graphics?. What P is a way of showing other people the data and conclusions of your research?. What S is a way of reading where you pick out only the most important points from the text?. What A describes the people a presentation or website is aimed at?.
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