Light and Sound KS3 Revision

Simple Quiz for KS3 Light, Sound and Hearing.
White light can be split into what seven colors of the S?. What E is the organ of hearing?. What L travels faster than sound?. What S is caused by vibrations?. What R happens to light hitting a mirror?. What I is what is seen in a mirror?. What R is what happens to light passing through a glass block or water?. What V causes sound? . What A is a measure of how loud or quiet a sound is?. What F is the number of times a sound wave happens in a second? . What W is the distance between each wave of sound?. What O means to 'lets no light through'?. What H is the unit of frequency?. What D is the unit of loudness?. What O carries the image seen in the eye to the brain?. What S describes how light travels?. What A is equal to the angle of reflection?. This P is how high or low a sound is?. What M is something used to reflect light?. What L is found in the eye and focuses the light to form an image?.
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