Employability Skills 2

Employability Skills
What C is speaking, writing, listening and understanding. What I is being able to get along well with people and to understand their feelings. What H is being truthful and trustworthy. What T is working with others to get something done. What C is asking questions to make something clearer or understand it better. What I is doing things without having to be told, working without supervision. What D is being the kind of person others can count on, meeting deadlines and closing dates, on time. What F is being able to adapt to changing circumstances and events . What L is being able to take charge, manage and motivate others. What A is looking at a situation from different points of view and working out the key issues. What R is gathering and collecting information. What P is when you are under deadlines and time scales, thinking on your feet. What C is using your imagination to come up with something new or off the wall or to solve a problem. What I is being able to persuade others to consider a different point of view or change their minds. What O means to plan and set goals you can achieve and manage your time effectively. What P is when you analyse a problem and come up with a solution. What C is using software and the internet. What N is using numbers to learn more about something or to answer questions. What W is being open to new ideas and ready to learn new ways of thinking. What S is not getting caught up in the small details of something and missing the point.
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