Cardiovascular Fitness

A quiz on the components of the cardio-vascular system.
What C means 'of the heart'?. What V means vessels for conveying blood?. What A carries blood from the heart to the body?. What P is the blood vessel that carries blood from the lungs to the heart?. What L is the chamber where Oxygenated blood collects when it returns to the heart?. What B is the valve beween the left atrium and the left ventricle?. What S seperates oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in the heart?. What P is the blood vessel that carries deoxygenated blood to the lungs?. What V is the blood vessel that carries deoxygenated blood to the heart from the body?. What T is the valve that seperates the right atrium and right ventricle?. What S is the valve that controls the flow of blood through the Aorta?. What V does a vein have which an artery does not?. What C is a microscopic blood vessel that connects arteries to veins?. What H is the number of times a heart beats in one minute?. What H gives red blood cells their colour and carries oxygen round the body?. What P is a pale straw coloured liquid that consists of 90% water?. What P is formed in the bone marrow and aids in blood clotting?. What W are the blood cells that fight disease?. What H is a disese which stops your blood from clotting if you cut yourself?. What C is the amount of blood pumped by the heart in one minute?.
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