A revision quiz aimed at Year 6 pupils in preparation for SATs
What I is a tooth used to cut food?. What R protects your heart and lungs?. What S protects your brain?. What P do muscles come in?. What P can muscles do?. What V is an animal with a backbone?. What E is a hard outer layer some invertebrates have?. What H is a type of joint?. What C is acts as a shock absorber in your joints?. What F is the longest bone in your body?. What S is is the hard framework of an animal?. What H is the muscle that pumps blood around the body?. What L are the organs responsible for breathing?. What B is the hard material which makes up the skeleton?. What B is goes into a socket to make a type of joint?. What A is the joint at the bottom of your leg?. What M is a type of tooth that grinds?. What H is an animal that only eats plants?. What O is an animal that eats both meat and plants?. What D is a name given to your first set of teeth?.
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