AS Psychology - Issues

AS Psychology (OCR) - questions focusing on themes and issues.
What D suggests that our behaviour is controlled by certain factors, and not by our own free will?. What E is when psychologists only study one group and assume the results apply in all cultures?. What E is a set of rules that are designed to protect the participant?. What N is the debate about whether behaviour is learned or inherited?. What P is when psychologists try to measure ability?. What Q is data that mainly uses descriptions?. What Q is data that uses numbers and graphs and statistics?. What R is when psychologists control so much that they only focus on a small aspect of behaviour?. What S is psychology that looks at how people behave when they are with other people?. What D is an approach to psychology that looks at how behaviour and understanding is acquired?. What C is an approach to psychology that focuses on people's thoughts?. What P is an approach that tries to explain behaviour by looking at processes in the body?. What I is an approach to psychology that focuses on how people differ from each other?. What E is the extent to which a study is true to life?. What E is when participants really believe that their situation is real?. What D is when behaviour is said to be determined by the person's personality?. What S is when behaviour is explained in terms of the environment the person is in?. What G is a study that was criticised for being ethnocentric?. What L is a study that could be criticised for being reductionist?. What B is a study where the results could have been due to demand characteristics?.
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