Plate Tectonics

Key words in plate tectonics and the structure of the Earth.
What M is part solid and part liquid?. What C is between 6 and 20km thick?. What I is solid and is nickel and iron?. What O is liquid and made of nickel and iron?. What C is a movement in hot gases or liquids?. What D is the amount of mass for the volume it occupies?. What P is what scientists think the crust is made of?. What M is what plates do very slowly?. What E can happens when plates move suddenly?. What R is the decay that causes the mantle to stay hot?. What M can be made if plates collide?. What M is molten rock in the mantle?. What T is a wave caused by an undersea earthquake?. What V happens if the crust is very thin or plates move apart or collide?. What L is molten rock that reaches the surface?. What F is what less dense materials do if they lie on top of more dense?. What V means how thick a liquid is?. What S is a type of wave in the structure of the Earth?. What R means something can't be predicted?. What L is the scientific name for the crust and the uppermost part of the mantle?.
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