Audio and Text to Speech

A quiz reviewing the range of audio and text to speech technologies available to assist readers. Created for #itr12 Unit 4.
What B is a free program for converting text-to-speech?. What W is a free Windows text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word?. What M is a set of applications that draw on accessibility features within a Microsoft computer?. What V does the talking for the software, and can come with the softwre or downloaded separately?. What D is a format designed to be a complete audio substitute for print material?. What E is a new standard for digital books, designed to be more multimedia friendly?. What D is brand of speech recognition software that types as you talk?. What N is the mame of Dragon's speech recognition software?. What I is a software company specialising in synthetic speech products?. What A is a website and app that allows you to record audio and easily share it using the internet?. What does the S in TTS stand for?. What N is the built-in text-to-speech feature in Microsoft Windows?. What T is free software that allows you to create your own DAISY or EPUB3 talking books?. What I is a free iPod/iPad text to speech app?. What L a website where you can download audio versions of books for print-disabled students? . What W is a web-based screen reader that can be used from any computer with internet access?. What J is the market-leading screen reading software?. What N is a 4 letter acronym for a free open-source screen reader for Windows?. What does the first T in TTS stand for? . What C is a software suite for primaries with text to speech, word prediction & picture support?.
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