Definitions in English
What A is a book of maps?. What B is the red liquid inside your body?. What C is a very big town?. What E is a part of your arm?. What G is you wear on your hands?. What H is dug with a spade?. What I is an alphabetical list?. What J is a person from Japan?. What K is an object to cut things with?. What L is when you can't find something?. What M is a big cup?. What F is the opposite of near?. What O is a person who hasn't got parents?. What P is a small green vegetable?. What Q is 15 minutes?. What R is a heavy stone?. What S is a shoe with straps?. What T is a group of questions?. What U is the whole of space and the stars?. What V is a mountain with a crater?.
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