S3 Revision 1

Employability Revision Terms
What I is paid to the Government - a percentage of your Gross Pay. What N is used to pay for Job Seeker's Allowance. What B is what National Insurance helps to pay for. What S is when you are paid yearly a certain amount. What P is when you are paid a certain amount of money for making one item. What F is when you can start at a time which suits you and finish when suits. What C is someone who works beside you. What B is when employees get a share of company profits. What D is when you get twice the hourly pay rate each hour. What O is when you work more than the usual number of hours. What G is what you earn before any money is deducted. What D is the name meaning money taken off your Gross Pay. What N is what you are left with after any Income Tax or National Insurance is taken off. What H is when you don't have to travel into work each day but can stay in the house and do your job. What W is what you get when you are paid hourly. What N is when you start work at 10 pm and work through till morning. What I is when you meet with an employer who asks you questions when you are hoping for a job. What S is things you are very good at. What A is what you fill in when you are trying to get a job. What G is where Income Tax is paid to.
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