Space revision year 9

Simple revision quiz on space/gravity for lower ability year 9.
What A is the layer of gas surrounding a planet?. What T is usually higher for planets close to a star?. What G is the force that stops the atmosphere floating off into space?. What G is a force that is smaller for smaller objects?. What O is the circular path that a planet takes around a star?. What Y is time it takes for a planet to complete one orbit around its star?. What S is is the name for our Sun and its planets?. What W is found in liquid form only on earth?. What A is the imaginary line that a planet spins on?. What M is a body that orbits a planet?. What T is movement of liquids on the surface of a planet caused by the gravity of a moon?. What D is length of time it takes for a planet to turn once on its axis?. What W is likely to cause weakened bones and muscles on long space flights?. What A are small lumps of rock and ice in space that could endanger a space mission?. What T is ‘Hubble’ a powerful example of?. What R describes what the 4 inner planets are made of?. What S is a ball of burning gas that gives off light?. What C is lump of rock and ice that orbits the sun with a tail?. What M is the name of lumps of rock that fall to earth?. What S is a gas giant with rings and many moons?.
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